Cold forged / free formed 3D plates from Deform

Free forming is an excellent method in the manufacture of one-piece 3D sheets. As the name suggests, no specific press tool is used, but with several upper tools and bottom tools we transform the shape in different steps. The key is our innovative shape fixtures combined with a great craftsmanship of our employees.

The company High Pressure Welding AB in Sweden recently carried out an extensive project with scrubbing installations for three large cruise ships. When it came to welding in hull bushings, it turned out that the plates needed a three-dimensional shape rather than a traditional 2D.

Deform produced fixtures in record time and formed the plates to the desired shape. The type of steel was ship-classified structural steel. The result was very good and we look forward to continued cooperation between High Pressure Welding AB and Deform!

Feel free to contact Deform to discuss similar problems and opportunities if you recognize yourself in the above situation / description!

Free forming with an excellent result!

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