Deform invests on Lean production through Produktionslyftet

Produktionslyftet is a national initiative that helps Swedish industries achieve efficient production based on Lean principles. The program that was initiated by Swedish employer’s organization and IF-Metall Union in 2006, aimed at companies that want to strengthen their competitiveness and improve their productivity by utilizing research in production development and change management.

One of the most important aspects of Lean is the involvement of everyone in the organization. Therefore a diverse combination of our personnel from Management to Quality, to Production and Logistic teams has been assigned and participated in the program training courses. So far, four employees have been trained at Karlstad University and several internal workshops were arranged. 

We use relevant Lean tools in order to highlight problems within our system which then have to be solved by applying related quality tools. Eliminating root causes as they are exposed by the Lean system through active participation of our workforce ensures that we continuously improve every aspect of our business towards perfection as suggested within Lean principles.

Continues improvement has been a vital part of our organizational culture for decades, and Produktionslyftet has enabled us to perform it even more systematically. We are very satisfied with our investment on this program because everyone at Deform thinks Lean now.

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