Testimonials from a customer - fast production, superb service and excellent fit

We are happy and proud that our customer in the pulp and board industry chose Deform as a manufacturer of new parts for the renovation of a heat exchanger. A professional and good collaboration between the customer, Deform and subcontractors made the lead time from order to delivery challenging short - completely according to the customer's needs and wishes.

Deform produced drawings of the shaped parts for the heat exchanger bellows and designed the tools needed. After purchasing cast tools, the plate was formed, and the parts were test assembled with excellent results before delivery

It is extra gratifying when the customer feedback is - satisfaction about both delivery time and quality!

Deform has extensive experience of manufacturing formed parts for the pulp and paper industry and receives continuous confidence to deliver parts in new projects.

Formed parts for heat exchanger bellows

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Technical Sales Manager, Pressure Vessels
Odd Johansson
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